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Many financial events in your business and personal life can influence your tax position over a period of years. That’s why it’s so crucial to obtain expert advice on tax planning strategies available… [Read More]

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How to Support Education and Give Yourself a (Tax) Break

When planning your year-end charitable giving, don’t forget one new opportunity for California businesses and individuals that pays you back – the College Access Tax Credit. To … [Read More...]

Planning to Exchange California property under Section 1031? Warning!

A Section 1031 like-kind exchange of property is a great way to defer a taxable gain. However, after years of seeing California property being exchanged for out of state property, … [Read More...]

California Filing Requirements for Businesses Incorporated in Nevada

Recently a client contacted me wondering why his corporation had received a “Demand for Tax Return” notice from the Franchise Tax Board (“FTB”) since he has never filed in … [Read More...]

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An Introduction To Common Entity Types For New U.S. Business Ventures

If you are coming to the United States to set-up a new business venture, the international tax team at ELLS CPAs understands the importance of choosing the right business entity … [Read More...]

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