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Many financial events in your business and personal life can influence your tax position over a period of years. That’s why it’s so crucial to obtain expert advice on tax planning strategies available… [Read More]

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ERISA Requirements for Plan Fiduciaries

Does your Company sponsor a 401K plan? If the answer is yes, then you may not be aware of all the responsibilities that ERISA requires from plan fiduciaries. ERISA defines a … [Read More...]

Case Study: How the Best Estate Planning can Still Result in Issues, Part 2. Using Grantor Trusts.

In February I introduced you to Bob, a successful businessman with a typical estate plan and an interesting estate tax return in a blog titled Case Study: How the Best Estate … [Read More...]

Real Estate Withholding Requirements for Foreign Investors

A foreigner does not have to have a green card, permanent residence status or a Tax Identification Number (TIN) in order to make a real estate investment in the United States. So … [Read More...]

willful non-compliance, non-willful taxpayer, OVDP

IRS Changes Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program To Distinguish Between Non-Willful Taxpayers And Willful Non-Compliance

The IRS announced changes to the OVDP process that clearly distinguished between non-willful taxpayers and taxpayers in willful non-compliance with the reporting requirements. The … [Read More...]

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