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irs foreign tax credit compliance

IRS Foreign Tax Credit Compliance Issues And Why You Need The Help Of A Foreign Tax Consultant (Part 2)

IRS foreign tax credit compliance issues are a literal maze of complexity. As explained in the first part of this two-part examination, a foreign tax credit with the IRS is … [Read More...]

irs foreign tax credits

About IRS Foreign Tax Credits And Why You Need The Expert Support Of A Foreign Tax Consultant (Part 1)

IRS foreign tax credits are designed to reduce your tax liability if you are required to pay taxes on income in both the United States and a foreign country. The problem with the … [Read More...]

national taxpayer advocate

National Taxpayer Advocate Critical Of IRS Offshore Disclosure Programs And Resulting FBAR Penalties

As a vocal advocate for taxpayer rights, the National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson has strongly criticized both the IRS Offshore Disclosure Programs and the resulting FBAR … [Read More...]

unreported foreign bank accounts

Unreported Foreign Bank Accounts Post-FACTA Lead To IRS Revelations And Criminal Convictions

Unreported foreign bank accounts are trouble in the 21st Century. After the adoption of FACTA ( the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act) protocols worldwide, the reporting … [Read More...]

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