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Many financial events in your business and personal life can influence your tax position over a period of years. That’s why it’s so crucial to obtain expert advice on tax planning strategies available… [Read More]

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Real Estate Withholding Requirements for Foreign Investors

A foreigner does not have to have a green card, permanent residence status or a Tax Identification Number (TIN) in order to make a real estate investment in the United States. So … [Read More...]

willful non-compliance, non-willful taxpayer, OVDP

IRS Changes Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program To Distinguish Between Non-Willful Taxpayers And Willful Non-Compliance

The IRS announced changes to the OVDP process that clearly distinguished between non-willful taxpayers and taxpayers in willful non-compliance with the reporting requirements. The … [Read More...]

Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers

Did You Know IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers Expire After Five Years?

Did you know Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers can now expire? The tax team at ELLS CPAs believes it is essential for you to know about the potential expiration of unused … [Read More...]

Avoiding Property Tax Reassessment

Many property owners have enjoyed the protection of Proposition 13 and the 2% annual cap on the increase of assessed value for decades.  As a result, the difference in fair market … [Read More...]

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